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Tour Our Hydraulic Shop

Learn about the services and features we offer through this in-depth tour of our facility and our hydraulic cylinder rebuild capabilities.

Our 26,000 square foot state-of-the-art hydraulic shop features a full suite of quality equipment and tools. This allows us to handle any job, whether it’s a chrome coating or a hydraulic cylinder rebuild. The following is an outline of every piece of equipment in our hydraulic shop.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Shop

  • 50′ Horizontal Chroming Tank: Do you have a large hydraulic rod that needs chroming? With the largest chroming tank in the Pacific Northwest, we can handle cylinders up to 50′ in length.
  • 5 Vertical Chroming Tanks: If you have multiple cylinders that need chroming at the same time, we’re here to help. With 5 vertical tanks ranging from 11′ to 20′ deep and 47″ OD, we can handle multiple cylinder rods with ease.
  • 50′ Polisher: Need your hydraulic rods polished? Our belt grinder is capable of polishing up to 50′ in length, 42″ in diameter, and up to 14,000 lbs.
  • Cylindrical Grinder: Our grinder has the capacity to grind cylinders up to 14′ between centers, a swing up to 37″, and up to 5,000 lbs in weight.
  • 5,000 PSI Cylinder Testing Bench: Do you work in extreme conditions? We believe that testing is just as important as the repair. Our facility features a testing bench with digital reporting that can replicate the conditions of any environment. This allows us to test for leaks and ensure your cylinders are up to the required specifications.
  • Lathe Machine: Our hydraulic shop is equipped with a lathe capable of handling rods up to 28′ in length and with a 42″ diameter.
  • 16 Ton Crane System: Do you have a cylinder that is too big for most shops to repair? Our crane system allows us to work on some of the largest cylinders in the market. We can also coordinate the pick-up and drop off for your with our in-house shipping service. This saves you the hassle of arranging shipping, allowing you to  focus on other areas of your operation.
  • Professional Paint Booth: In addition to our hydraulic cylinder repair and rebuild programs, we provide high quality paint services. Our paint booth can be configured to handle any cylinder on the market regardless of size or weight.


The following is a list of every service we offer. Click below for more information or contact our team today for a quote!