Grinding and Plating with Select Fluid Power

In today’s blog post we are going to take a look at a recent plating project we completed for a unique customer. We are going to review the process behind the job and the strict requirements needed from our equipment to complete the job successfully. In the picture above you will see one of our most recent grinding and plating projects in progress. Our cylindrical grinding capabilities make us a top choice when it comes to hydraulic equipment repair. We…

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5 Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

As an ISO certified company, Select Fluid Power commits to quality programs. We conduct thorough testing on your hydraulic cylinder to find the cause of any failures. We then compile multiple reports to ensure the same failure does not occur again. Let’s go over the five most common types of failure: Damaged Chromed Rod It is easy to damage a chromed rod. Extensive damage can be caused by something as simple as contact with rocks or chain. It can also…

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Double Dipping Horizontal Chroming

Double-Dipping 101

Double-Dipping 101 Shops with small chroming tanks engage in a technique called double-dipping when customers have high capacities. It should be noted that this practice is industry accepted. However, it does cost you more money and increases your turnaround time. So, what is double-dipping? Double-dipping is used when a shop’s tanks are smaller than your rod. The facility will chroming one end, flipping it over and then chroming the other end. This is called “double-dipping” because the rod is chromed…

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Liebherr Cylinder

Liebherr LTM 1400 Extension Rod and LHM 500 Stabilization Cylinder

Featured Project: Liebherr LTM 1400 Extension Rod & LHM 500 Stabilization Cylinder Select Fluid Power built a state-of-the-art hard chrome and hydraulic repair facility in 2014. It was designed to handle the industry’s high capacity needs. Since the facility’s debut, Select has worked on jobs ranging from chip dump cylinder repair and rotary shaft chroming. Our facility features a 50′ chroming tank, a 16 ton crane system, and a 50′ polisher. This is to better serve our customers with high…

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Lloyd's Register Certified | Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

4 Ways to Determine the Quality of a Chrome Plating Facility

It’s hard to determine the quality of any business, let alone a chrome plating facility. Our customers often don’t have a local solution for their chroming needs. This is due to specific handling and capacity requirements. We asked professionals in the industry what to look for. They said there are 4 key indicators of quality and trust. These indicators are: Experienced Professionals, Recognized Quality Programs, The Facility, and Environmental Responsibility and Safety Experienced Professionals “A business is only as good…

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