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Liebherr LTM 1400 Extension Rod & LHM 500 Stabilization Cylinder

Select Fluid Power built a state-of-the-art hard chrome and hydraulic repair facility in 2014. It was designed to handle the industry’s high capacity needs. Since the facility’s debut, Select has worked on jobs ranging from chip dump cylinder repair and rotary shaft chroming. Our facility features a 50′ chroming tank, a 16 ton crane system, and a 50′ polisher. This is to better serve our customers with high capacities.

Not long ago, the technicians at Select Fluid Power did a unique hydraulic cylinder repair. It included chroming a Liebherr LTM 1400 extension rod, measuring 1′ OD by 44′, within 7 days. During this period, the team also repaired an LHM 500 stabilization cylinder, measuring 2′ OD by 10′ in length.

Liebherr extension rod repaired by Select Fluid Power

Completing a job of this size, in-house, is abnormal for a hard chroming facility. Few shops can handle and chrome a rod of this size. Many companies will accept the job and either outsource the work they cannot complete, or engage in double-dipping.

If the company you are working with chooses to outsource the job, keep the following in mind:

  • Working with multiple companies will increase the price
  • Depending on where the other facility is, your turnaround time may increase
  • Dealing with many companies can impair communication

If the company you’ve chosen doesn’t have large capacity chroming tanks, “double-dipping” might be employed. When a shop’s chroming tanks are smaller than the rod, they will make up the difference by chroming both ends. It can increase costs considerably due to the extra work required and the amount of chrome used. Furthermore, to remove the excess chrome in the center, the rod will have to be ground and polished down. This will increase everything from costs to turnaround times.

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