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2016 MINExpo Recap

In September 2016, Select Fluid Power’s sales team attended MinExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and had the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, showcase the capabilities of Select’s state-of-the-art facility, and talk to attendees at the booth as well as on the showroom floor.

For those of you who don’t know, MINExpo, held every four years, is the largest mining show on Earth. From September 26th-28th, over 1,800 companies attended the exhibition, participated in live demonstrations, and debuted new technology and machinery. It was an excellent opportunity for our team, and they were able to learn about industry trends, what problems customers were facing, and how our business could help them find solutions.

MINExpo was an educational event, focused on cutting-edge, cost effective solutions, and in order to help educate attendees and future customers, our booth featured a range of cylinders including a:

  • Hitachi EX3500 Cylinder Rod
  • Linkbelt 300 Series Cylinder
  • CAT Tunnel Boring Machine Advancement Cylinder
  • Hitachi EX3500 Cylinder

Having multiple cylinders on display enabled attendees to see and touch the end-product, talk to our experts about specifics, and learn about chroming and hydraulic repair using hands-on examples.

To demonstrate Select’s chroming technique, our technicians chromed the Hitachi EX3500 cylinder rod in stages, with each segment representing one of the five stages of the chroming process. This display piqued a lot of interest and we found that attendees were quite interested in the process and learning about Select Fluid Power.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and who helped make the exhibition a success!

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