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Project Management

Our project management team fully organizes and coordinates your onsite cylinder tear out, repair, and re-installation. This unique service allows us to be your one stop shop for all hydraulic repairs and other hydraulic services. Whether it’s a local or remote job, you can count on Select Fluid Power to get it done right.

Project Management from Start to Finish

Looking for an experienced team to manage your repair from start to finish? We will come to your site, manage the removal, and transport your cylinder back to our facility. Once your cylinder is in our shop, we can provide various hydraulic services based on your needs. This can include chroming, machining, grinding and polishing, painting, and replacing hydraulic seals. When your cylinder is fully tested and ready for service, we bring it to your site and re-install it. We can provide project management regardless of size, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Project Management Philosophy

  • We execute projects from start to finish, seeing everything through to completion.
  • Our experienced leadership team will oversee each project to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Every project’s goals are clearly communicated and aligned with your expectations.
  • We ensure our quality control process is integrated throughout the entire operation. This ensures that you’re receiving the highest quality repairs every time.

Why Choose Select Fluid Power to Manage Your Project?

At Select Fluid Power, we treat your projects with the urgency and attention they require. This ensures that they’re completed efficiently and correctly regardless of the size and complexity. The following is an example of one of the many projects we’ve successfully managed from start to finish:

Multi-Stage Cylinder Repair: Ferry Terminal

As part of our project management services, we went on site to inspect and disassemble a 45′ marine cylinder. We then transported the cylinder back to our shop and completed repairs. These repairs included polishing the small stage on our 50′ belt grinder. After repairs were complete, we pressure tested the cylinder on our test bench with a 500-gallon reservoir of oil. This was to ensure it was ready to work in its intended environment. We then transported it back to site with our project management team. They worked hard to reinstall the cylinder to the hydraulic power system.

This was a time sensitive operation due to the changing tides and the tight timeline. Our team only had 20 minutes to disassemble the cylinder from the ferry terminal before the tide rose. This entire emergency service was completed in 78 hours! This included the entire tear-down, repair, and then re-installation at 1:30 am.

Regardless of your hydraulic system repair needs, our project management team and well-equipped facility have you covered. Contact our team today for more information on our hydraulic services. Discover how we can provide complete solutions for your projects!



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