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Machine Shop Services

Select Fluid Power is continually expanding our machine shop capabilities, which means that we can repair, design or fabricate from print (or old part) some of your largest cylinders and components. We have full welding and fabrication capabilities and a variety of different sized machine tools to handle almost any part. Our machine shop runs 7 days a week so we can meet all our customers’ turnaround needs.

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State-of-the-art facility

Whether you need a complete repair, redesign, or custom fabrication, Select Fluid Power has the capability to meet your requirements. Our state-of-the-art machine hydraulic features quality equipment including:

  • Lathe that can handle up to 28′ in length and 42″ swing diameter.
  • Honing capabilities up to 53′ in length and a 24″ in bore.
  • Cylindrical grinder that can handle up to 25 1/8″ D x 14′ L x 5,000 lbs.
  • Test bench that pressure tests up to 6,000 psi. Provides you with a digital hydraulic test report.
  • Certified paint booth for OEM paint specifications.
  • 16-ton crane system that can handle the largest cylinders in the market.
  • Cylindrical polisher that can handle up to 42″ Outer D x 50′ L x 12,000 lbs.

How can we serve you?

Do you have a cylinder in need of urgent repair or honing? As a full-service repair facility, we offer the following machine shop services to bring your components back to original specification:

Universal Tools: Our tools and equipment are capable pf working with both metric and imperial threads. This ensures that we can repair cylinders from anywhere in the world.

Welding: With MIG & Stick CWB certified technicians, we can handle the most complex welding job safely and efficiently.

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Regardless of the difficult of your repairs, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. Listed below are some examples of the complex repairs we have completed:

Multi-Stage Cylinder Repair: We disassembled a 45′ marine cylinder on site and transported it to our shop for repairs. This was part of our project management services. After the repairs were completed, we simulated the exact working conditions with our 5,000 psi test bench. This was to ensure it was ready to be reinstalled without issue. We then transported it back to the terminal and reinstalled it at 1:30 am. This entire emergency breakdown repair was completed in 78 hours!

Boom Stick Thumb Cylinder: We repaired a 2,500 lbs cylinder for an excavator shovel. During this process, we vertically re-chromed its 11′ long 6″ diameter rod. We brought it back to original specification and manufactured a new piston on our lathe. Our technicians worked around the clock to complete this job in 48 hours.

Material Handling Mast Cylinder: This 2,800 lbs 18′ cylinder was completely repaired in house. This included welding and machining the component’s threads, honing the barrel, then repairing and re-chroming the rods. After the cylinder was repaired it was tested on our test bench, painted, and returned to our customer. This comprehensive repair was completed in 13 days.

Butterfly Valve Servo Cylinder: This repair required us to be Lloyd’s Register certified. We needed to work on two flow controls for a dam. This cylinder was 16′ pin to 23′ pin extended with an outer diameter of 48″ and weighed 15,000 lbs. Our 16 ton crane system allowed us to maneuver the large cylinder throughout the different stages of the repair. The entire repair was done in-house due to our shop’s capabilities. These repairs included honing the cylinder barrel and machine head brushing to remove scoring. We also chromed within .002″/.004″, and ground and polished the OD to specifications of 6.500″ + .000/-.001. This entire complex repair was completed in 3 weeks.

Fast Turn Around Times

We understand that you need your equipment up and running as soon as possible. That’s why Select Fluid Power works hard to ensure you receive quick turnaround times on all our services. Do you have an emergency repair? No problem! We accept drop ins and emergency requests in addition to our scheduled repairs. Our team will work to meet the strictest deadlines regardless of the size of your job.

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Our expert team can provide you specific details and quote for your needs.

Committed to Quality

We have built a culture focused around environmental standards and continuous improvement. We are committed to providing consistent quality for all hydraulic cylinder repairs and hard chrome plating services.

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Select Fluid Power is a greener option. This is due to our industry-leading environmental safeguards. We can chrome your rods and shafts without affecting the environment. Our chrome pits are sealed in layers to eliminate any exposure to the Earth.

Logistical Support

When your equipment is down the last thing you want to worry about is the logistics. We have our own trucks that will pick up your cylinders, repair them, and deliver them back to your door. We want to take the stress off your shoulders.

Experienced Staff

We take pride in intimately understanding your challenges and providing you with the appropriate solutions. We have run into every possible situation and been able to solve it with 320+ combined years of experience. We are a family at Select Fluid Power and that is how we treat our customers—like family.

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