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Manitowoc EnCORE Cylinder Repair

Manitowoc EnCORE Cylinder Repair

We are proud to announce that we are an EnCORE Hydraulic Cylinder Repair facility for Manitowoc Crane Care. Manitowoc Cranes is a leading manufacturer of mobile cranes. They set the standard for innovation with their Grove mobile telescoping cranes, National crane boom trucks, and other products. It is this dedication to quality and excellence that makes us proud to offer cylinder repair services for Manitowoc cranes.

This is a streamlined, easy to administer repair & return program for hydraulic cylinders covering any Manitowoc Crane Group product. It offers a cost-competitive repair alongside a minimal turnaround time, ensuring value and reduced downtime for your equipment.

Manitowoc encore crane at a work site

Need more info?

Our expert team can provide you specific details and quote for your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • We provide a factory-approved alternative to local unapproved repair shops. We can provide quality repairs with a faster turnaround time.
  • We’re a factory-approved repair option that meets original engineering specifications. This ensures that your crane is ready to deliver the reliable performance you need.
  • This program is approved for ALL Manitowoc Crane products. This includes Manitowoc Lattice Cranes, GMK Cranes, National Boom Trucks, and Potain Tower Cranes!
  • A factory-backed 12-month warranty on all repaired cylinders allow you to operate with peace of mind.
  • A low-cost repair alternative, resulting in substantial savings compared to purchasing new parts/equipment.
  • Repaired cylinders are fully tested and inspected to assure they meet original Manitowoc Engineering Specifications. This ensures maximum quality and performance from every component.
  • In some cases, re-manufactured units may be available to greatly reduce your downtime by offering off-the-shelf availability. Your distributor will inform you of this possible option before making any repairs.
  • Keeps the crane up to OEM standards and specs by using factory approved repair procedures and repair parts.
  • Protects resale value by keeping the crane “original”.
  • Simple administration with no complicated forms. Simply contact your local Manitowoc Crane Care Distributor via the phone number above.

Fast & Easy Program Administration

  • Provide our EnCORE representative with your Manitowoc Crane Care account number, purchase order #, your name, and phone number.
  • From here, you will be supplied with a return authorization, tracking number, and shipping information.
  • Ship the cylinder (freight prepaid) to the address and contact specified by our representative.
  • After the inspection is completed, you will receive a detailed inspection report and an estimate of the repair cost. You will be notified if a re-manufactured unit exists, allowing for the option of immediate off-the-shelf availability.
  • When the repairs have been completed, you will then be notified of the final repair cost. Arrangements will then be made for the return of the repaired cylinder.

*Please note that all invoicing and payments will be done through Manitowoc Crane Care.*

Benefits of choosing Select Fluid Power

  • A 50′ (15.24 m) horizontal chroming tank—the longest chroming tank west of the Mississippi.
  • 5 vertical chroming tanks with depths ranging from 11′ (3.35 m) to 20′ (6.10 m).
  • Complete hydraulic repair including honing of up to 40′ (11.58 m) in length
  • 50′ polisher and 2 cylindrical grinding up to 4 meters.
  • 5000 PSI cylinder test bench with digital test reporting.
  • Fully outfitted machine shop with a 27′ (8.23 m) lathe.
  • 27’ length, 42” swing, 9,000 lb capacity polisher.
  • Honing capacity of 40’ length, 42” internal diameter.
  • 16 tonne crane system that can handle the largest cylinders in the mining market.
  • State of the art environmental protection program.
  • A professional paint booth.
  • Lloyd’s Registered Chrome
  • ISO 9001 & 14001

Need more info?

Our expert team can provide you specific details and quote for your needs.

Committed to Quality

We have built a culture focused around environmental standards and continuous improvement. We are committed to providing consistent quality for all hydraulic cylinder repairs and hard chrome plating services.

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Select Fluid Power is a greener option. This is due to our industry-leading environmental safeguards. We can chrome your rods and shafts without affecting the environment. Our chrome pits are sealed in layers to eliminate any exposure to the Earth.

Logistical Support

When your equipment is down the last thing you want to worry about is the logistics. We have our own trucks that will pick up your cylinders, repair them, and deliver them back to your door. We want to take the stress off your shoulders.

Experienced Staff

We take pride in intimately understanding your challenges and providing you with the appropriate solutions. We have run into every possible situation and been able to solve it with 320+ combined years of experience. We are a family at Select Fluid Power and that is how we treat our customers—like family.

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